Please send in the characters you’d like to have participate in the Matched AU ASAP!

A description of this au can he found here.

Thank you!

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Sophie Rae
Brian Connors

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Chase Prince
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Accepted babes! Please send in the account~

Your Name & Age: Ellis & 17
Character desired/Character Birthday: 
Face Claim: Asa Butterfield
Activity (1-10): 7-9

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Accepted babes! Please send in the account!

~~Canon Character Audition~~
Your Name & Age: Madi, 18 (19 in one month!!)
Character desired/Character Birthday: David Calloway 
Face Claim: Neil Patrick Harris

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Lacey Reed is nineteen years old and an orphanage caregiver in Greensville. She sometimes gets mistaken for Shelley Hennig and is currentlyTAKEN.

Maybe it’s the abandonment issues, or the fact that she had to grow up basically on her own, but Lacey’s tough exterior can be pretty difficult to get through. With a switchblade always handy, and years of gymnastics making her the ultimate escape artist, she’s pretty much avoided the law for years now. She’s trying, a lot harder than most people realise to get her life together, and recently secured her first legitimate job, in one of the many orphanages she lived in. She recognises that one day, she has to get over her bitterness, and the trauma of seeing her mother walk away, but will she be able to do this without confronting the very people who made her this way in the first place?

Lacey is sharp tongued, and quick to use her fists, and hanging around with boys as a child, and learning how to fight from them, she can get a grown man on his knees in a little under ten seconds. Don’t make her mad, because even if it takes days, months, weeks or years…if you’ve crossed Lacey, look out because she’s very patiently plotting her revenge…right behind you. 


Isaac Sullivan (x) Boyfriend

Gabby Reed (x) Adoptive Sister

Elizabeth Reed (x) Adoptive Sister

A Message from Society

With the dramatic decline in the human population, your Society has put forth an action to match each female over the age of child bearing age with one male of child bearing age. Each pairing will be announced, and will be joined together in matrimony on the spot. Each pair will then be escorted to their new home and is from then on out responsible for repopulating our planet. How each pair carries on about this process isn’t an issue of the Society, but their own private matter.

Genesis 9:7- And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.

End Message

Ally Condie’s novel, takes place in a dystopian future run by “society”. Everything in the citizen's lives is regulated. From the 100 poems, books, lessons (ect), to their plain clothes and jobs.

Announcing the Matched AU!

The AU will begin Thursday, August 21th and end Sunday, August 31st. 

For our Matched AU, we decided only to keep one aspect of these books intact. Society has the say in who you marry. You’re “Matched” with no say, and often you have no previous knowledge of this person. All canon romantic relationships are non-existent.

Please send in the names of the characters you wish to be included in the au asap so they can be matched properly.

The following roles have not been active enough in the past week. You have three days to improve activity/contact the admins or your role will be in danger of being reopened.

Clara Summers
Mia Tale
Chase Prince
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Illiad Howes
Spencer West
Kyari Jung

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Louise Rains

The following players are on an excused absence. [Make admins aware of any changes]:  

Lisa- All Characters- further notice
AJ- Cassie- further notice
Sandy- All Characters- Until end of August. 
Caryl- Mason- Until further notice
Meg- All Characters- Semi Hiatus
Roger- All Character- further notice

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The Asylum AU is officially over. 

Thank you to all those who participated. Please finish up all au conversations. NOS AU Summer will be continued on August 17th with Matched AU

More information will be posted shortly!