Accepted babes! Send in the audition

Your Name & Age: Tash, nineteen

Character Name/Age/Grade: Elliot Christopher Sanders, eighteen, senior

Face Claim: Luke Hemmings

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— Anonymous: Are there auditions still going on for Footloose or is it over now?

You can still have your character be apart of the muscial! The only reason there was a deadline was so that we could have something of a cast list~

Audition forms can be found here

Cast List for GHS’s Spring Musical: Footloose!

(Characters with an N/A beside their name means that there isn’t a nos character playing them but they are ‘cast’ for all rping purposes)

Characters bios can be read here

Ren McCormack- Teddy Mitchell

Ariel Moore- Susan Fields

Willard Hewitt- Cooper Athan Tracy

Rusty- Gabriella Reed

Chuck Cranston- Mykah Garcia

Rev. Shaw Moore- Shane Humphrey

Vi Moore- Reneson Manie

Ethel McCormack- NA

Lulu Warnicker- NA

Wes Warnicker-  Brian Connors

Principal Harry- Zac Rowan

Coach Dunbar- NA

Urleen- NA

Wendy Jo- Chelsea Turney

Lyle- NA

Travis- NA

Betty Blast- NA

If you have any questions, or you would like your character to be involved please just send a quick message. Thanks!

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— Anonymous: has the musical been casted yet?

Not yet! We’re waiting on one application because their computer isn’t working right! Sorry for the wait, ideally it would have been sooner but what can you do?



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Follow Avery!

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Accepted babes! Send in the account!

Original Character

Name & age: Ellie, 16

Character name/age/grade: Avery Michaelson/17/junior

Face claim: Taylor Penshorn

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— Anonymous: future au future au future au future au future au future au we need one

I agree. Will discuss dates! 

— Anonymous: Peter Pan AU part two pleeeease?

I’m all for it! We will definitely consider it!