— Anonymous: future au future au future au future au future au future au we need one

I agree. Will discuss dates! 

— Anonymous: Peter Pan AU part two pleeeease?

I’m all for it! We will definitely consider it!


GHS is finally on Spring Break! 

Spring Break will last from April 14th to the 20th!

Chelsea Turney is eighteen years old and a senior at GHS. She sometimes gets mistaken for Zoe Sugg and is currently TAKEN.

Chelsea is a little sweetheart. Everyone knows that Chelsea would take a bullet for any of her friends - she’s very loyal and dedicated to the people in her life. She hasn’t been through much hardships in her life, her home has always been a happy home. Though lately, she’s been overworking herself at school and has sort of let herself go a little wild. Hopefully Chelsea is going through just a phase? Her family hopes so.



— Anonymous: mw fc's?

Sorry, what is a ‘mw’ fc?


Edit: You can find a list of all our Wanted Charas here!


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A very special happy birthday to my birthday twin (for 6 hours if you count time zones) Allie!


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Okay, I’ve been on the main for longer than I planned to be. Does anybody need anything before I disappear?


Accepted, babes! Send in the account.

~~Original Character Audition~~
Your Name & Age: Lucy, 17
Character Name/Age/Grade: Chelsea Turney / 18 / Senior
Face Claim: Zoella Sugg

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