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~~Canon Character Audition~~
Your Name & Age: Meg, 18
Character desired/Character Birthday: Gregory Nathan Hall, June 19th
Face Claim: Russel Brand Could I change to Hugh Dancy? :3 Pretty please with a cherry on top.

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Take care, Emily. We’ll miss you! -Admin Andrew. 

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Jacqueline De La Haye-Sinclair is 17 years old and a Senior at GHS. She sometimes gets mistaken for Natalie Dormer and is currently TAKEN.

Jackie grew up in the lap of luxury, her family being wealthy enough to live in a big, extravagant house, she never really wanted for anything. Being rich had its definite advantages, but also a certain level of etiquette was required, especially among the other people her parents were friends with; other rich snobs who were more concerned about their name and looking beautiful than they were their own children. Jackie was pretty much raised by her nanny, a woman who taught her that she was born into a class higher than that of the rest of the town, and now that Jackie is all grown up, that mentality certainly hasn’t shifted.

However, just before she was born her fathers company went bankrupt. Frantic for money, especially with the birth of the new child, her parents and the parents of another child; a boy, (both of them were infants at the time) made the decision that one day, in order to preserve both their social standings- their children would be very subtly pushed together, in the hopes that one day they would become a couple, and bring more snobby brats into the world. Being aware of this from when she was a child, Jackie tried her best to sneak into the life of the other boy, only to find he wasn’t at all what she expected. He was cold and rude; not charming like the other boys of her age from their ‘social group’. She has her eyes on the prize though; a successful relationship with this young man would give her a well-respected name, financial security and perhaps…the acceptance that she’s always craved from her parents.

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~~Original Character Audition~~
Your Name & Age: Sandy, 17
Character Name/Age/Grade/Birthday: Jacqueline “Jackie” De La Haye-Sinclaire/17/Senior/April 27
Face Claim: Natalie Dormer
Admin Note: Okie doke, love. :)

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~~Canon Character Audition~~
Your Name & Age:  Ronnie, 18
Character desired/Character Birthday: Addison May, April 29
Face Claim: Olivia Holt

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