Dan Ross is 21 years old and the Music Teacher at GHS. He sometimes gets mistaken for Jack Whitehall and is currently OPEN.

For Dan, things didn’t go the way he planned. The minute he left high school, he planned to go to college while at the same time striving to hit it big in the music industry. He had his whole life sorted out, and he couldn’t wait to graduate. He was a star in Greensville. Everyone heard how talented he was and knew there were big things waiting for his future. Unfortunately, all of that crashed to the ground when his mother got sick the month before his graduation. Being the only one at home, his father having ditched them when Dan was very young, he had no choice but to give up his dreams to stay with his mother. The school heard what happened, and offered Dan a job. He started off as a teaching assistant, but when the music teacher moved away, he was offered a permanent teaching position. The administration originally had many problems with hiring Mr. Ross as a teacher, the biggest problem being he is too young and inexperienced. But having known Dan, and how talented a musician he was, he was given the job anyway. He still feels a bit anxious at times, wondering if he will ever lose his job. But the fact that he is a good teacher, and he connects with his kids well, is a plus. Maybe he gets along so well with his students because he’s closer in age to them, or maybe just because he loves his job more than anything. One thing he hates, however: students calling him ‘Mr. Ross’. It’s Dan. He’s not that old, and he wasn’t going to pretend he was. There was a point in time when the administration was going to rid of the music department altogether due to funding, but Dan fought against it. He showed the faculty, with the help of his students, how important music really was. Ever since then, his students had nothing but respect to him. He shows them how one could learn to love music, and music could help one come out from a very dark place. Many students talk to him out of class about personal matters, having grown a close connection and relationship with him. Even though Dan still wishes he went to college, knowing his mother still needs him, and now, his students need him, at Greensville is the place where he’s meant to be. 



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